Newbie alert

I thought I’d give blogging a go thinking it would be a good place to talk about my um do I call it condition or disease, hmm well its up to you guys how you see it.

I have MS or as I like to call my invisible illness.

I also have bouts of severe depression, roughly every couple of years.

Enough gloom. I love photography,jewellery making making cards, paranormal things and obviously my husband and two kids, though they can push my “if you don’t shut up I’ll go homicidal” button.

And I love my cats, though I’m no crazy cat lady.

That’s me.

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Opening up

So this is me and my new blog.
It will have mistakes lack of ,.; but that’s just how my typing flows.
Not sure on my reasons why I started this blog. I think I wanted to get my non visible illness a place to breathe.
My husband hates me talking about it and frankly sometimes I need to vent or write down what is happening to my body.
So this is me and my ms or rrms if I’m being correct.
Life ebbs and flows with people without this condition telling me what I should be doing

“get more exercise” “stop taking so many painkillers,
you don’t need them” “why are you ill all the time” “get out more” “eat these foods” honestly I could go on all night.
I for the most part, well the stubborn part,i ignore them as only I know my body, unless they have developed a way body swap whilst I’m a sleep.
So I do light exercise wishing I could lose the two stone I have put on. I cut back on pain medication because I want to not because people tell me to. Do you know what everything hurts or aches and it is not fun getting out of bed in the morning.
But I’m not here for sympathy I’m here to show I can talk about ms without backlash and vent to the ether.

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